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The Creators Original Decision And Christianity

I want to talk about something some of my friends are bringing up in topic.

No worries I will respect them as anonymous.

But the topic is basically Christianity and Condemnation.

Christianity has many supporters, of which I am one.

However each of us can probably note the things we like about it and a few we dont.

Okay lets review whats bothering me.

Christianity has as a large source of its wealth, loving salvation.

The fix to our problems.

A person in desperate need saved from an unpleasant path of life.

Each Christian that wants salvation is unhappy due to something(s) and has hope that the Creator loves them enough to save them from it.

I fully support that the Creator loves the Christians and definitely will make sure they have a quality of life worth living.

Now to what is bothering me, that is condemnation of family.

Jesus said love thy neighbor as thyself.

That is a huge part of Christianity, he said thats everything the 10 commandments is shortened.

So what are we doing wrong with Christianity?


Christianity lays the entire blame for our poor quality of life upon either Satan or the Devil or Lucifer etc.

Lets look at a bible story.

God was proud of his servant Job.

He wanted to boast about Job to his friend and he chose Satan to be the receiver of the good news.

When someone boasts what they do is choose to boast to someone who can appreciate the quality of the boast.

This tells us Satan knows a lot about being good and can appreciate it.

In the story Satan wanted to test Job to fully experience what God was claiming.

If Satan really did plague Job it is true it was a harsh test.

But is any of the test necessary?

The story of Job has given Christianity a role model hero upon faith, love, and loyalty.

Job was sad and complained but he never quit loving the Creator.

Satan may have been harsh to Job but what he did added the context of what God claimed past the word good, it gave Gods saying that Job was good definition.

It gave Christians hope.

It is easy to quickly claim Satan was bad for testing Job however we need to notice in the story God gave Satan permission even as command to test Job.

We as Christians are quick to be angry at Satan for this but we really need to notice God would not have given his permission and the limitation to not kill Job unless the test had good purpose.

If testing Job was not proper, God would have said so.

We should remember in this story, Job was a servant of God, but so to in the story is Satan.

God commanded Satan not to kill Job and Satan obeyed.

That obedience is something a servant does.

Another thing to notice.

Satan tested Jesus in the new testament.

How did Jesus treat Satan?

Jesus told Satan “Worship the creator”.

Jesus had the opportunity to degrade Satan yet instead he supported Satan doing a good deed.

That is not hate, its not abandonment, it is instead a effort to try and include Satan in the family effort towards loving the creator.

So as Christians we really need to remember Jesus loved, he did not hate.

So when we have to opportunity we should love and not condemn.

I comprehend how people can be frustrated and even angry but we really need to hold onto our own capability to be merciful and instead of hating these characters we should be praying for them if it is true they are in need of salvation.

Its easy to have the attitude of “Satan attacked Job, Satan Bad”.

Its more difficult to have the attitude to pray that our Creator fix any bad of Satan and not condemn him.

But what is more worth it?

To throw someone away? To exile them from the Creators love?

Or instead to share the love of the Creator and pray for their change?

If we deeply investigate the bible, we do not find God claiming to hate Satan.

We do not find God claiming to hate any of his children.

We find claims God hates worthless worship and bad deeds, but not his children.

Lets remember something of our Creator.

We creations were created due to our Creator wanting us even before we were first alive.

Satans got a poor reputation in Christianity but I love the Creator and the Creator wanted to create Satan.

The Creator made that investment and I want to be honorable to it.

So I will do what I can to remember our Creator loves what is Created and our Creator doesnt make bad decisions.

That means supporting our Creators original decision to create and raise these family members that have been demoralized as enemies, well what am I gonna do for them?

Salvation is only needed by the needy.

Since there has been an overwhelming amount of enmity towards these biblical characters, even to the amount to prophesy them as doomed, I will tell you what, that irritates me, because I believe were all family and now I am going to do something for them.

I am going to offer a prayer for them.

This is what we as Christians should do, pray for our neighbor when they need our love, not condemn them.

Dear Oldest Parents,

I love Christianity, I love Judaism, I love the good found in religions, and I love this family.

My friends are grumped at certain biblical happenings and they seem intent to continue grumpin.

Since they are busy with that attitude I will try to fill in as support.

It was your decision to create these people who have been demoralized.

It was your decision to create every creation.

I support your original decisions and see the perfection in them.

Im tired but I am not enough to abandon hope.

That is why I am praying to you.

I have heard the stories of the war in heaven and certain dooms.

This is a family, war and doom are not welcome.

Along with that, instead of suggesting condemnation towards this happening…

I pray you will put in effort to fix the problems.

I pray your creations not be abandoned your love and if needed discipline to fix the problem.

Here I am praying for people I probably have never met and barely know anything about…

But what I do know is it was your choice to create them.

You do not make bad choices.

I offer you my supporting emotions.

I offer you my love and obedience.

I know the chapter of this story will have a good ending.

Because you loved us first, and its permanent.

Well friends theres my thoughts about Hate being mixed in with Christianity and a prayer along with it to try and fix the problem.

Like I said earlier those of us that enjoy Christianity can probably list both some things we like and dont like involving it.

My opinion…

Jesus loved, not hated.

❤ Thanks For Reading, Have A Good Night, Much Love ❤

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