Fun, Prayer, We Are All One Family, We Love The Oldest Parents

A Prayer For Gentle Weather

Record breaking heat waves have happened through our history and this time is too many.

Maybe even times past is too many.

Freezing snow piled high effects us, especially the homeless and while it is fun to play in, it is not fun to try to survive in.

I would like to make a prayer to our Oldest Parents and LORD that we have gentler weather through our seasons.

Dear Oldest Parents and LORD,

Your descendants love you very much,

We appreciate what you have done for us,

We have fun together because of you,

From snowboarding to swimming your weather has been a joy,

But tonight I come to you in pleading,

It is getting too hot in some areas for us to live normally,

It is getting too snowy and icy in other areas for us to be safe,

This has become a serious enough concern that I estimated prayer was necessary,

Will you please and I say that lovingly give us gentle weather?

It is easier to appreciate you when we are not struggling or suffering,

We do adore loving you and the easier it is for us to practice that the more it can be easily done,

I do have a hope too,

I hope this experience for you of having us in such hot heat and freezing ice has proven to you that we will love you even if things be difficult,

Because of that I can say I am proud of my brothers and sisters,

It gets very hot and it gets dangerously snowy, but that hasnt stopped the worship or church from staying in practice.

I made the below certificate a while ago and Im going to resubmit it,

Please consider making our weather more gentle,

Thank you for lending ear, much love.

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