Fun, We Are All One Family, We Love The Oldest Parents

Worship That Builds Character

For a long time throughout history, worship has been a part of this family.

The utmost category of love, self defining as loving someone or something else more than self.

We have the Lord whom seems to enjoy worship.

In many religions worship comes to practice and skill.

Lets study its history for a moment.

If this family began as 1 person whom started living due to natural cause, whom went on to learn of their own beginning and used it to invent creational magic and create me as an example, what were their early pursuits?

Self discovery is obvious. But also a pursuit to explore.

Finding whatever this big somewhat empty home of life had to offer.

It is quite easy to believe at some early moment in our first family members life they looked to find other life.

It is that first family member that invented worship, and while us creations worship that family member, the original intention of worship possibly was similar yet directed at someone or something older than our currently oldest family member.

We know the old saying “Everything began from Nothing” and we also emotionally know if someone begins life alone due to natural cause, it makes sense that they would have searched for whom or what made them.

We are told that it actually is the Nothing that somewhat nondirectly led to our Creator beginning life.

Now comes into play the effects of worship.

If we have a conversation with our Creator, and while doing so, worship, it is possible to lead to family benefit yes?

That is a direct reaction of worship doing something.

Now the question, has anyone ever tried to worship quite literally the “Nothing” or day 0 or existence as a home to see if anything would actually happen?

People have tried yes, I myself worship our Creator(s) but I also do occasionally worship the beginning known as the Nothing.

But if years of family members trying to do that to recieve a reaction has resulted in no response or direct effect what is the purpose?

Well, trust me, I am not wasting my time, the idea is to build ones mind properly by doing so.

We have emotions, mental skills, desires, and many other parts of whom we are that benefit in a somewhat non direct way from worship that has no direct effect.

The reason for this is largely emotional and focus based.

When we worship we are basing ourself upon love and desire to grow.

That is one of the reasons our world wide family has had so much history with statues representing worship.

It may not be the most effective worship ever, but it is still a growth, it counts.

So why did I choose to invest a part of my worship portion into the “Nothing” everything began from?

It motivates me to pursue studying that passion more, it reminds me of what we have gained even if non directly, and it improves the person I am by aligning my morales with a “Good” quality.

As a side note, Taoists worship the Tao which they believe to be a source of everything, which in English the similarity for is the “Nothing”, a bit different but having some connected examinability.

The thing is, worship builds a lot of good, it really does, and to worship in a way where you consider the source of everything and love it, and thank it, because it resulted in you having the living family members that are your best friends, well, it may be a bit noncommon but it has a proper attitude to facilitate peace, happiness, and family.

So the old debate of why worship something that cannot receive it, I think has a few gaps in reasoning.

I build myself upon the worship I do, even though I didnt recieve a pat on the shoulder, I caused my emotions to be invested in good deeds.

Each time we worship we are dedicating our future efforts to be thankful to the direction of our worship.

Worshipping the source or beginning of it all, it gives me a desire to respect everything. It gives me focus to consider that source to be superior to me and what it has produced to be honored.

So for you my friend, however you choose to worship, I am taking a moment to say congratulations on your effort.

It can be about improving the quality of life of someone else such as our Creator, but remember, one of the gifts our Creator gave us was that having invented worship, a part of it became that it also improves the person whom does the worshipping, a two way benefit, truly a family effort.

❤ Thanks For Reading, Much Love, Happy Tuesday ❤

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