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Easter On The Moon?

Well I want to do something exciting today and I have been sleepy most of it.

So I think this entertaining video may possibly help me have achieved something “Exciting”.

Below is a link to a video of footage of what they claim to be mars.

But can a telescope really see as far away as
a considered 50,000.000 miles?

Glass and metal seeing that far away?

I consider common sense would be, this is footage of the moon,
which is considered 200,000 miles from us, and even that measurement of distance is probably higher than the actual distance is, get it, “Higher”? like the moon. 🙂

P.S. I nicknamed this planet “Shaleodin” (Pronounced Shay-Ul-Odin) based upon some short stories I wrote after viewing this video and the Bohemian Grove documentary.

The name is derived from its stones and the end footage displaying an “Abyss of spirits” having the golden shape and appearance of the “All Seeing Eye” in the top left corner of the end footage.

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