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Im Learning A New Art (Update)

We have on our social media accounts such as Facebook group, Pinterest, and Deviant Art a collection of free desktop backgrounds and visual art.

The majority of the backgrounds are kaleidoscopes and wall scrolls, meant to be generically likeable by anyone. We also on our site and some social media accounts offer more specific arts such as prayer backgrounds, certificates, appreciation letters, cards, and religious verses.

I occasionally add to these specific categories the WLTOP attituded things to fit our most popular religions and the WLTOP generalization compiling the emotions of all religions such as bringing us together as one family of religion by noting the Creators as our ancestors and not so much having one chosen name, but more of putting together the different theories, morales, and appreciations.

I am again nearing a time where I would like to add more prayer backgrounds to our site and social media, so please enjoy waiting for that to happen.

But I have a more in the moment thing to submit to you as a free contribution I am putting effort into.

I do a large amount of kaleidoscopes and wall scrolls and this is because they cozily fit cell phones as backgrounds which are becoming popular to the point of everyone gets one, this style of art can be diverse and as such if you look through a long list of it you will high probability find one you like and seems to fit your personality.

Tonight I played around with the program I use to make them called “Image Editor” and I experimented with a tool I havent used much. The tool is called the “Horizon” effect. It is basically a gradient category tool.

This Horizon effect can be used with the Kaleidoscopes, Wall Scrolls, and other art.

I am going to for a while be in this process of experimenting with the tool to create a section of new free desktop backgrounds I am labeling as “SkyLine Warp(s)”.

I made 2 demos of this new to me process and please be gentle upon your review I only spent a few minutes making these and I am trying to train myself on how to do them properly so the first few attempts will probably be very basic and just meant to introduce us to this new possibility.

I have posted the 2 new demo arts on our Pinterest, Facebook Group, and Deviant Art but I will also post them here so you can see what I am talking about.

Below is a picture of SkyLine Warp Demo 1.

Next is a picture of SkyLine Warp Demo 2. It has twice the amount of the “Horizon” tool used and it is the same Kaleidoscope material so we can get a comprehension of how the Horizon tool changes a picture,

As you can see the 2nd demo appears neat and all but it could be improved.

I am estimating the best way to continue with this new sub style of art is to use somewhere between the power of 1 and 2 Horizon effects, basically something a little averaged of picture 1 and 2.

Because picture 1 needs a bit more light covering and picture 2 has more than wanted.

I will check the tools settings and play around with different options a bit and start the journey to try and improve my skill at making new and awesome Kaleidoscopes and Wall Scrolls with our Horizon effect making a new and unique vision for us to choose from our list of available arts to use as desktop backgrounds or other entertainments.

I make these arts for fun and to make our partakers happy so adding this new style could be a great idea if it looks visually attractive enough for people to appreciate.

Lets hope its a success. As said earlier, I want to add some more prayer backgrounds in the near future, considering options, may be about a week till I decide on how to progress on the situation.

πŸ™‚ ❀ Thanks for Reading, hope you like the art, much love ❀ πŸ™‚

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