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Happy Fathers Day 2021

Happy Fathers Day Everyone

Specific hug to יהוה

He does a lot of work for us and true gets a lot of appreciation.

But the guy deserves some rest and peace of mind.

Heres the 2021 Fathers Day Art.

Fathers day is not only a day to appreciate how awesome a father is.

It is also a day of remembrance for a young man due to love to become a Father.

You may be considering, is it really a young man that becomes a Father?

Life changes when the family shifts from having 1 person to 2 people.

The shift is a person is no longer alone, and someone new cannot be alone.

Life was never the same for our Oldest Parent once they started this family.

Before it was a family, it was a self adventure.

Now it is a team adventure, called family.

So even if a man is a million years old, having a child for the first time is a completely new quality of life.

As well that in this family we live eternally.

Becoming a Father for the first time offers a shift that 2 million years after the creation, the Father was a young man at the time of family beginning.

Time is similar to bars on a ruler.

Young and old is measured by the size of the bars and when.

So yes, this day is a time for a child to appreciate the Father, but it is also a good time for the Father to lay in something cozy and entertain some thoughts about the first day their child was welcomed into the family.

❤ Thanks For Reading, Much Love ❤

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