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A Yodh He Waw He Poem

So I was considering, the Heavenly Father is charismatic, I would say he is “Cool”, sun glasses style cool.

I wanted to do something fun and artistic so I am going to write a poem about him, creation, and the Nothing everything began from.

Enjoy the poem.

The Father is what it takes

A child is what he makes

Did he do it conventionally?

Maybe even intentionally

Time is on his side and puts him at top

His child lower on the tree but that does not stop

A friendship forever that outlasts pause

With the two of them from the Nothing

We have a just cause

Now what is immortality and what does it lack?

This place we call home, it will never slack

We were here a while ago, and still here now

We will be somewhere forever, but what why and how?

Dont get too far apart, dont lose each other

This place is big, the Nothing we call “Mother”

I hope you enjoyed the poetry, it is unique and so is the Heavenly Father, someone whom I enjoy calling “Best Friend”.

You are possibly curious about the poems distinction to label everything began from Nothing as a Mother, but what is a large consideration of the “Nothing” well that is that we know the Nothing to also be defined as space and outer space, having that as a majority of what it is.

We also know first was the Nothing then began the living of our Creator within the Nothing that at that point had become a something, so implying that the Nothing is similar to a Mother to our Creator and us is a emotional and friendly reaching out gesture.

I consider that I post a lot of deep thinking materials here on our site and I do so lovingly hope the content of this site gives you things to think about and helps you avoid boredom.

❤ Thanks For Reading, Much Love ❤

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