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Flower Power And YouTube

I am still on the mission to grow our YouTube Channel.

With the addition recently of Taoisms “Tao Te Ching” we have a start of new content coming.

In previous posts I said I am currently now making a Islamic Koran (Quran) audio book recording.

It is near 24 hours long, and I already developed the video for YouTube, and rendered it in the video editor.

Since last night it has been processing on YouTube.

Want to know how its going? Check the below picture.

Now lets not get too quickly excited, because it has been processed at 99% since last night and I am guessing it could be there for another 12-36 hours.

But, to offer something cool while we wait to grow our YouTube channel full of Oldest Parent Goodies, I made a neat new floral art that is a bit on the girly and nature side of things that I would like to share with you.

It is going on our Deviant Art and Pinterest as with all our free art.

Here it is, click to enlarge.

It is sized to be a cell phone desktop background and could be rotated to fit as a PC Desktop background.

So cheers to you having an awesome week and hopefully we will get our Koran audio book recording finished by the end of tomorrow (I will post here when it is finished, or if there are any difficulties in finishing it).

After this Islamic book is added to the YouTube Channel, I am going to take a peek on to see if I can find a Buddhist audio book recording to add, more will follow.

❤ The Oldest Parents Love You ❤

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