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A Valentines Thought To The Oldest

I was considering something that I wanted to share here.

I have mentioned before my belief about being an adult by religion.

I think I have a grasp on how to explain it a bit better today.

Our Creator was alone.

How could our Creator be a child or adult?

There was no one else to compare oneself to.

As our Creator created the First Creation, one was then an adult, and the other a child.

That itself set the first definition and description of adult compared to child.

A parent and its child, called Creation, but family the same.

So my own emotional belief on this topic is based upon that and some language illustration.

If the Creator was a parent, or “Older” than the First Creation, because of there being 2 family members capable then to actually compare difference to, it seems the difference between one being young, and one being old is when age is measured of two groups as one higher than the other, and one younger.

With language, what sets this definition is capability.

Our Oldest ancestor wasn’t considered older than anyone, before family grouping, age was simply a yesterday happened.

To have a definition of adult compared to non-adult, there has to be at least two people.

That is why my religious and language comprehension of how I fancy believing, is that for a Creation to be considered an adult by these measures, would be mostly one major interpretation.

A Creation becomes an adult, such as the Creator was (and is), when the Creation becomes the same age as the Creator was, when having Created that Creation.

It sounds a bit complicated I know, but the fact is, to our Creator, age 18 is not when our Creator married, had children, also many other things.

It was not until the First Creation was Created that the Creator even had ability to be called an adult or parent by anyone else.

The Creator could have called themself a adult earlier than that, but it would have only held a note upon that the Creator was alive earlier.

So in that, should family consider becoming an adult based upon having already lived some moments, or instead upon a historical reference that is measured using language and actuallity.

The actual time someone was first an adult, wouldn’t be the first time they grew a tooth, it wouldn’t be the first time they reached a certain bodily height.

It would be the first time there was someone to call “New” or “Child”.

Now with that explained, there are 2 different yet similar approaches to this description.

Do we then measure adulthood as the age the Creator was at Creating the First Creation, or instead is it the age a Creation reaches once the same age as the Creator was when Creating the Creation being measured?

Those two things are similar yet have the potential to be far apart in years.

It is an emotional topic if one comprehends it, agrees with it, and believes in it.

Me personally, I will share with you my choice.

I consider my becoming an adult, not by someone else, but by myself being caused to live by our Creator. I measure it as my starting point, and goal.

So in my emotion, I would become an adult, at the age the Creator was at the time of having Created me.

That is a higher age in comparison to the other method, because I was Created later than the First Creation.

I wanted to share this emotional and loving idea of maturity with you on this Valentine’s Day.

The fact is, as a descendant of the Creator, I am very emotionally attached to the parent and child relationship the two of us are connected as, and I estimate you, or many of our family members, maybe even all are.

I believe in freedom, but to really consider myself having a unique freedom, such as a full equality, my age would have to be comparable to the Creators by a form of measurement, in this way, it fulfills the definition of equality enough for me to say I am then an adult in the family.

Saying I am an adult and anyone Created later than me is a child is a shallow measurement, because if what seperates me and someone else is only a day apart, it can be known that is not enough time for me to achieve, even becoming a parent.

I think this was all well said.

Have a great valentine’s day family, love you lots.

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