Fun, Short Story, We Are All One Family, We Love The Oldest Parents

The Oldest Parents And You

The Creator and First Creation have made us into such a numerous family.

It was, in ancient times, the Creators passion to have family.

So how does a single descendant find a fit in our family?

With love are we together.

The potential each family member has was efforted upon even before we were Created.

For us Creations, we started with homes, food, entertainment and pleasantries.

The gifts we have, such as material possessions, even the bodies that we are, are reminders that our Oldest Parent(s), care very much of us.

For each and every Creation, being best friends with the Creator can be a very enjoyable loving emotion.

We were caused to be alive by a very kind, smart, and effective ancestor.

It is noticed all the planning, work, and effort that was put into this family.

All of these things touch upon our instincts, that, in this family, you (we) are loved.

❤ Thanks for reading, Have a great week ❤

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