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Some New Art (Cell Phone Wallpapers)

Hi guys.

As mentioned in my last post I started playing Torch Light yesterday and wow what a game, I dont wanna spoil too much but a scene with the characters Liv and Aria made me cry a little, it was a very emotional story piece that if you play the game you can experience also.

So far the content of the game is high quality, it has a lot of customization options that make your hero different than other players, its fun.

I made some art the other day for WLTOP and had not uploaded it yet, but I just took a screenshot of Torch Light and made some art also from that, so here I am uploading it all at the same time for your entertainment and or use.

Here it is click to enlarge.

This art set came out pretty and vivid in my opinion.

I dont have anything planned for tonight but my instincts are telling me something good is going to be my opportunity soon, maybe poetry, prayer, or even something like more certificate art for our deviant art account.

🙂 Have a great night family, we know the Oldest love us 🙂

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