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Technology Art Gift Set (And Updates)

As my last post mentioned I am thankful for technology, very much so.

To do a kindness in return, for all you awesome siblings, here is some technology fan art.

It will be uploaded to our Deviant Art and Pinterest.
(Check Below pictures if you want to read how far I have gotten on the WLTOP to do list)

Click to enlarge the Desktop Background Art.

Okay now that you have gotten to peek at the gift art I made for you let me tell you some other good news.

Ive found a great source for audio book recordings to be added to our YouTube channel.

Its called, it is a ebook and audio book public domain site which means the books their are free to use and share, making available to WLTOP a great way to grow our audio book recording amount on our YouTube Channel.

We have got 11 subscribers I last checked and I am excited to further the family love.

This morning I successfully added a new audio book recording to our YouTube channel.

I added the Taoisms “Tao Te Ching” a book and religion on Duality and the Yin Yang.

Next that I am already putting effort into is to add the Koran also known as the Quran which is a part of the Islamic religion.

I did a search for Hinduism audio book recordings and still havent found their main book source in the religion, I did find a audio book recording for Hinduism based upon a record of a war and it has in it some leaders and or teachers making conversation, I may possibly add that one however for starting on this effort I kinda wanted main religion sources.

I am quitting on trying to do timestamps after I made an attempt on “The Forgotten Books Of Eden” audio book recording and found that the letter limit in the description was too short to fill in the whole amount of timestamps, I did however message YouTube staff requesting they improve their timestamp capability, allowing a possibility for us in the future to include time stamps.

Well thats what I got going on for now, the Koran audio book recording im setting up is 24 hours long so generating the video in the video editor I use ClipChamp could take all night and some of tomorrow, then uploading it to YouTube could take about half the time.

Expect cool new stuff, and if it pleases you, subscribe to our Oldest Parents YouTube channel for updates and notifications of new audio books and other great content.

❤ Thanks For Reading,
Hope You Liked The Art,
Much Love ❤

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