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For All The Patience You’ve Given Me

Hi family, its pride month and fathers day month so I have got something from the heart I need to give to our ancestors.

Dear ancestors, by my calculation, I am 1% the age of the creator, I feel I am getting older, but know not near our Oldests age.

You have given me love and comfort.

What I am noticing tonight is also that you have tolerated me and been patient with me.

I make effort to do good deeds and also avoid causing you unhappiness.

But I am curious of how much that will add into a whole so I would like to take a moment to use this month to pray, thank you, and also apologize.

Dear ancestor(s),

I was caused to live, in great effort was I made a descendant in your family,

The design you used and made me with has led to fun and joy,

At times I have wanted to earn this great miracle,

At other times I have wanted to simply notice it in a meditative calm,

I have been a helper, but I have also been a difficulty,

I say thank you for not only being nice to me, but for knowing that in this youthfulness I am still learning and gaining possibility to fit exactly by your best intentions,

So, with that I ask for your continued guidance and parenting,

Also, it is honest to say that in my comprehension,

You are the most valuable miracle in a life that thanks to you, I am a part of,

This family knows peaceful parts because of you,

It is you who can be the friend to your descendants,

Who had and was at start a wild of unknown,

I pray that our friendship never stops,

Happy Parent Pride Month.

Now a moment for us siblings to connect a bit more directly, brothers and sisters, the love you give is potential like a firework, I am glad we are family together, I am proud to have you as siblings and I hope for you the best, WLTOP was started with the idea to friend up with siblings and be nice to each other and our ancestors.

Competition rolls onto us at times however, what I like best about you, is that like me, you got the life chance. You’re in the best family because you, as also me, have our Oldest Parents to help you have an eternal investment.

If you believe the Creator will keep you a part of this family, consider that means, even thousands of years and more later, we might go to the same party.

I think that’s pretty cool.

Have a great night everyone, our Oldest Parents love us.

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