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New Menu Page (Update)

Hi family.

An Old idea was brought into my thought and I decided to make a page for WLTOP about it.

The new page is a Family Anti-Hate Page in the We Are Family area of the WLTOP menu.

The page displays the 10 commandments that descended from our ancestors in lineage.

It mentions a old concept that is not currently in the circulating bible.

The concept is that the 10 commandments mentions not to covet, and hating thy brother is a form of coveting.

The bibles current verse of anyone who hateth their brother is a murderer and hath not eternal life was not a law or commandment given by the Oldest, and that verse in itself goes against the commandment forbidding murder and permanent death.

In short explanation, the Oldest Parents keep their creations eternally (Permanently).

Since we know in the commandments the Oldest forbid murder and complete loss of life, the current verse in the bible is evidenced to have been submitted by a descendant and not the Oldest.

On the new page you can find the below arts, enjoy.
(Click to enlarge)

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