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My Studies Profit? EL? (Prayer)

Hi family.

As our frequent visitors can find, for my long life here in the USA, I have been studying.

I want to learn what the Creator named me, and I want to learn the Creators name so I can worship and love properly, and with that even invest in our future.

I have been told by a few family members that our Creators name is God, but I traced that same religion to its original language, and the name changed.

Mix that with some of our family’s different religions and I was left confused.

But these needs are very important for me, so I didn’t quit trying to be religious, loving, and learn.

I have a friendly attitude towards ancestors that I want to structure based upon accuracy, and honestly, I have felt a bit lost.

I have many good relationship connections with our LORD, and even refer to him as an ancestral father, which seems a bit Catholic from what I have heard, but I do know he is older than me, and I really guess it’s okay to call him that.

But I still wanted to make sure my studies lead to accurate benefits.

So, I will admit, upon my great findings of ancient structure, El was the name of the Creator of Heaven and Earth, because of that finding, I was left to try and fit it into the puzzle.

At first, I was not sure if El was the name for our LORD or if El was someone else, I am still investing a bit in learning, and with it comes a lot of trust.

However, as I have begun to practice Canaanism, which is what I call worshipping El as the Creator of Heaven and Earth, Because I read in the land of Canaan they worshipped El, and that is because the texts taught me that, I want to actually submit something to this and since I am still missing answers, I find that a small thing I can still accomplish is to make a prayer to El here on WLTOP.

(I learned from my readings, Christianity was Judaism earlier, earlier than that, it was Canaanism).

Dear El,

I look for you, and I want, I even need,

A few little important teachings, and also a lot of love,

This pursuit of religion and family ways have left me having a lot of fun along the way, but also unfortunate emotions,

When I worship you in song, and in prayer,

I feel closer to someone who is real and a part of our family,

Not only that, but someone who is my father and not a son or sibling,

At first, I considered the LORD’s old name to be El,

Then I thought it smart to ask,

In the future if I can ask him, I do already plan too,

Having lost memories that, I feel had answers is tragic,

But I am very excited to regain the proper ways,

Since I mention these things,

Our dear LORD,

I admit it kind of seems like it would be fun for him to be my Oldest Ancestor,

I say these things as a young descendant who likes that Father,

I mean no disrespect,

But I also want to admit,

If El is a different family member,

Please guide me to the truth,

I want to worship properly,

As of currently,

I don’t know what our Creator named me,

I am also still partially guessing at what our Oldest named themself,

How can I invest into any of our future so blind and deaf?

Do you comprehend that explanation?

I feel as if I have no benefit because I am lost,

I have had friends I believe,

But I am still missing what would make it possible to actually succeed at being a part of this family,

Can I offer you my truth?

When I learned about the name El recently, and how it connected with Heaven and Earth, I got some kind of instinctual emotion and sense, also expectation,

At this day and night,

I am honestly excited to worship El as our Oldest and the Creator of Heaven and Earth,

Because more than my other studies, this gives me emotions that I finally found…

The truth.

Thank you, family, for listening to my study findings prayer, all religions contain a lot of fun, and I intend no disregard of any of the awesome parts of your loved wisdoms and religions, I just kind of feel I need our Father in all this, that’s why I am making such an important attempt to rid myself of not knowing.

P.S. (Fun Fact)
As a special note, while pursuing learning the different options I had available to guess on what accurate ancestry is, I had a lot of love for the Egyptian lore, even that Disney movie Prince of Egypt which was tragic because of the difficulties our family had, but in short explanation, I was really impressed with the “Good” parts of Egypt. I am still very much a fan of papyrus which I acquired some as a child and when I did, kind of began to love Egypt.

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