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We Love The Oldest Parents Is Us (Poem)

Hello siblings and ancestors ā¤

I woke up early this morning to bring our trash cans in from collection.

I think I possibly have a good idea for a poem.

The idea is, We Love The Oldest Parents is us, it is me and you.

In all of our family, in all different ages, beliefs, and persons, love and its direction for family is sacred.

Since WLTOP is us, and we all do it, I want to try my skill at writing a poem for us, about how WLTOP is all of us, even family who has been doing it with no current visit to our club.

The poem is called, “We Love The Oldest Parents Is Us”.

We Love The Oldest Parents Is Us

What we share is we were Nothing,
Now with family, we have become Something,

What is it that brings us together,
What helps us long and not part,

Friends are searched for, and truly a treasure,
The joy of life and fun, sharing smile measure,

Some of us walk together, some of us run,
What do we do, and what has been done?

Love for some similar pleasantry,
And luck has us, as family, we won,

To our ancestors, we find passion,
The kind to cheer our future,

Bringing us alive,
Allowing us nurture,

So, what does each life, know and achieve?
A love for family, the Oldest, truly,

We Love The Oldest Parents,
All of us do, together I am, me, and yes, you,

We Love The Oldest Parents Is Us,
Our effort so noble, granting us each quality of total,

What kind of happening, and luck, is so sure?
The truth is we gain, and have it as more,

From our Parents who give, gave, and ordain,
That they love us, and do so, happiness and fame,

Best friends forever, us? Yes, it can be,
To each family member, a chance of opportunity,

We Love The Oldest Parents Is Us, And Everyone fittingly,
Using different ways to say it, love satisfactory,

So, to our effort, we welcome the Old and the New,
We Love The Oldest Parents, is about, them, us, and you.

In my opinion this is one of the highest quality poems I have put my effort into.

I do very hope you enjoy. it.

What began with an attempt to be friends with others who did not have the same religion as whichever one I believed in at the time, became a goal to be friends with anyone possible.

With some helpful hints and ideas being placed together like a puzzle, I finally got the courage nearly 3 years ago to attempt to help family have support including any good religious beliefs.

It is because I have a belief that like it says in Genesis “Everything was good”, everyone in our family is good, which to me, meant it would be valuable to try and be as kind as possible, and as friendly as possible to everyone.

Those ideas mixed together is what gave me the courage to form the We Love The Oldest Parents club, its art, its poetry, its religious library, and its love.

The truth that We Love The Oldest Parents Is Us stretches beyond our website and it happens each and every day by family who do good deeds, and love.

Because We Love The Oldest Parents is an attitude that each descendant has and naturally does, our club is a supplement to everyone’s efforts.

I hope you enjoy WLTOP, I hope you enjoyed the poem, it will be added to our account findable in our menu, and I hope, because you deserve it so very much, that you have a good day.

ā¤ Being a descendant in this family,
Yet fitting in and still having high quality friendship,
Thank you family ā¤

P.S. Update below is a quick poster I made of this poem, for future use, find it again on our Deviant Art.

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