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A Thank You To You

We have been getting a good amount of views, likes, and occasional comments from you fans of our Oldest Parents.

Including a few from me as I try and give courage to you to comment and enjoy it.

As you can see at our stats preview on March 8th we got 37 views from 24 viewers (Visitors).

Now below I will display our views listed by countries, this is an all time list, so from now back 3.2 years this is how we have done, be patient if you can its a long list.

Well family, this has been a low budget advertising effort, along our past, I haven’t had funds to do as much advertising as I hope to (But I pray to our Oldest it eventually is the WLTOP fate to be funded for such a thing, even if it comes from my income when I can).

That list is a long and large amount of countries, maybe near 100, I didnt count it but if you want to you could leave your comment about it and cheer us on >:D

With this post I want to say, thank you to you, yes you, and especially you.

You found us, your here, you are us.

That goes with saying that at We Love Our Oldest Parents, the We is me and you, and anyone and everyone is a part of our family.

The Oldest Parents Love You brothers, sisters, and they always have, and always will.

Good deeds are noticed in this family, and bad deeds have become so focused on because of our stresses, but hey WLTOP, guess what? Our club has pictures of our LORD for you, so even if you haven’t gotten to visit him and have your son/daughter talk to your father in a direct wanted way, you have his photos, and in our eternal future, your want to be his best friend in a closer way of actually being able to talk with him, I am proof, he wants to give time to each of you.

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