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Demo Before Google Play (New WLTOP App)

Hello family ❤

Last night as I laid in bed, I spent a few hours using a app tool, and designed our own WLTOP app for our smart phones.

I have submitted it to Google Play and it could take up to 7 days until it is released on their store, if we get full approval.

However so you can get it earlier, I uploaded it to an alternative app website.

I will show you some screenshots of the app, and this is its initial release version, let us know what you like and suggestions so I can update it. Click Images To Enlarge.

Does this look fun enough that you want to download it?

Here is a link to the first version on a app hosting site, I do hope it will also be on Google Play soon.

Click Here To Download The WLTOP App

The app is free like all of our content.

I will be making a page in our menu for this new app, I plan to update the app as time passes, and I am excited for family to try it and give comments and reviews.

Thanks everyone, the Oldest Parents Love You, Always Have, Always Will.

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