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A New Page In Our Menu

Added a exciting new page to our menus collection.

Now in the menu under “10 Commandments” you can find the page “The Jerusalem Bible” which is quite a good catch I made last night.

The Jerusalem Bible or “Koren Tanakh” is like that 10 Commandments page, it features a Dual Translation.

The Jerusalem Bible is a book that contains the Old Testament of the Bible written in both English and Hebrew (Aramaic).

I am featuring it here on WLTOP as it contains the 10 Commandments which is the closest thing we have to ancient ancestry interaction available to us in texts of religions.

Admittedly I do feature a lot of Jewish and Christian parts to our site however it is noticeable however also that is the most popular religion on the planet.

We feature all popular religions and more featured content of them will be added occasionally.

Back on topic.

The Jerusalem Bible is priced at $40 and some cents currently, featuring a 10% discount running on the website. That is before shipping and or tax.

I will post a preview picture of the book below, the book is sold on

I posted a link on the new page to find this book on their store and if you want to buy it but I will also repost a link below.

Click Here To Browse The Jerusalem Bible

I am planning on buying this book and I am very excited to get it.
(UPDATE) I ordered a copy of this book this morning I don’t yet know when it will arrive as it hasn’t been shipped yet but when I get it I will try and make a post telling you a review on it.

❤ Thanks For Reading, Much Love ❤

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