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Jehova Prayers Started

Well, I was going to do it tonight, after some video gaming and waiting on getting help for plugins on the RPG Maker MV help forums, but I got enough motivation to do it early.

What is that? Well, it is what I have been leaving reminders about recently.

Adding a Jehova(h) prayer art backgrounds section.

Now in our WLTOP Menu under prayers, then Christianity Prayers, you will find the “Jehova(h) Prayers” section.

Currently it has 2 PC desktop prayer arts, and 2 cell phone desktop prayer arts.

I will be adding more soon enough but I am glad I got it started.

So much of my early life here in America was devoted to God, I am glad to be spreading it out a bit with love and education pursuit on learning and efforting for other family.

The great thing about the LORD (One amongst many) is the helpful little hints he gives, I felt inspired by him in a way to do the Jehova(h) page and because of him, it got done, so team effort is fun.

If you are a returning participator, I will mention something about my WLTOP Monk Wedding Ring.

I am totally loving the thing, it’s perfect for me, black and gold is so pretty and at first it got stuck on my finger so I have been training my fingers thickness by placing the ring in different locations on the finger, which seems to have helped, so if your ring gets stuck and if that is a problem, I can suggest twisting it onto the large padding for a while.

I haven’t got much else right now, thanks for reading, and have a great day.

❤ Much Love To Our All Family ❤

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