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Ancestor Pronunciation Curiosity (God – Goed?)

Hi Family ❤

I have recently become attached to worshipping EL as I have mentioned.

Although I am not abandoning worshipping using the name or nickname GOD.

Now, here is my thing I’m stuck on.

For a very long time I have heard it pronounced Gah-Duh.

I have become curious if pronouncing it Go-D (Or Goed) is more proper upon ancient ways.

While I have been practicing the differences in worship using my thoughts and prayers I have noticed something.

I get a healthy feeling worshipping EL.

I get a healthy feeling worshipping pronunciating the name as Go-D (Goed) but worshipping the name as Gaw or Gah then Duh, feels less beneficial.

I think pronouncing it properly is important to our ancestor, and that is why it has become so important to me.

To me it seems similar to the rock Geode or the pokemon Geodude.

Go D(uh) instead of GawDuh.

What are your opinions?

I recently mentioned we appreciate the comments contributed to our Oldest and the loving of anything involving them, if you feel comfortable talking about this, or anything else WLTOP related, please comment below.

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