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Premade Certificate Night (New)

Hi family, I have a fun idea for WLTOP ❤

Occasionally I make reposts of the Oldest Parent(s) be our savior certificate, and I have an extra idea to add to it.

As I occasionally make the repost I will try and make a gift one and the unsigned one together for use, and I will sort the posts into a category called Premade Certificate Night.

The first winner of a WLTOP Certificate on Premade Certificate Night is of a legend, who I am a fan of, that is the greatly wise Orion.

This new holinight event for WLTOP should be funner than only posting the blank one, and maybe it will make some family members happy.

If you want one made for you, the comments area is available to you, you can also sign the blank one yourself using

The stories I have heard of Orion as an ancestor to family are truly fun, and quite the story.

We often hear about Jesus as one of the best Saviors, however at WLTOP, having him partnered with the Oldest Parents in any of that effort is even better.

Enjoy the free gift and I wish you a good night.

❤ The Oldest Parents Love You,
Always Have And Always Will ❤

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