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We Welcome Boido And More (App Updates)

Hi family ❤

I updated the app with more God and Goddess stories, including Boido (Void) from berserk because it seems his character was invented based upon our LORDs own appearance.

Me liking Boido enough he gets a spot in the Gods Stories page.

Some others added are Uranus, Hephestus, Poseidon, Demeter, Gaia, Ares, and more.

On the Gods Stories page I moved the Men In Black Marble Ancestor to be the first photo in the album as most of the other photos are actually screenshots with God names and introductions.

The marble ancestor God is only a photo, a handsome and fun one at that and he will be a good placeholder to start our stories section.

Today/tonight I want to update our Alchemy Worship page with custom art and some screenshots of important details I find online.

Our new Angels of The Oldest Parents page has grown since I added it to the WLTOP Website sidebar, 8 members yay ❤

Well family, I am taking my friends advice from Facebook and going to try a newer video game this morning called Undecember I tried it before and building a character’s stats and skills was a little complex so I am deciding to give it a try today and become a pro at it.

Also my friend was promoting the band “Insane Clown Posse” I think he is a member so if you are looking for new music, give them a try.

Have a great day family, its breakfast time for me.

❤ Women Are Created As Men,
And By Loyalty To Our Oldest,
Became Women,
To Serve The Oldest Parents As Mothers,
So As A Monk of The Oldest Parents,
To Honor Their Origins I Call Them Brothers,
Expecting It Is Their Freedom,
To Reclaim Their Origins ❤

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