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Our First Year Wont Be Lonely

Weve got commenters, likers, clappers, and expectedly various forms of worshippers contributing to our Oldest Parents here, as I mentioned in the last post were rather new but its still grown in number quite pleasantly.

The Oldest Parents birthday celebration on January 1st hosted here on the WLTOP club site is new, 2022 will be the first effort collection.

Our Oldest Parents have a collection page here for their birthday celebration, its in our menu under worship, the first link in its category.

Since I know our members range from 78-500ish, some wordpress users, some facebook users, some twitter users, and etc….

I decided to make sure I get an early start on contributing so the celebration is safe from the “Lone Zoan” haha, a funny word play on “Lonely”.

So early this morning I used my recent studies of the Canaan land and religion as a source for their birthday art.

I took a map of Canaan and edited it with some effect and lines, then I started to make a second one with different effects and then I popped it into canva merging the two and adding some framing details and text, it took me I expect 10 minutes.

Wanna see the Oldest Parents 2022 A.D. birthday art I made for them?

Well thanks for getting so excited haha, it is here below. Click to enlarge.

There are some easter eggs in this art, not the chicken kind, the puzzle phrase kind, easter eggs for example in movies, art, and video games are secret content hidden by the designer for the viewer to find if they search for them.

I will give a little of them explanation.

As I said this was made from a map of Canaan, in the white bottom middle box there is a dual (as in 2 part) picture, its a face and it is also a whole body with arms stretched up holding the frame above it, similar to the story of “Atlas”.

Giving you those notes, see if you can find that “Easter Egg”.

Now for my part in helping you have access to share.

Here below is the link to the January 1st birthday party shared google photo gallery, you can submit your own art and birthday cards there (It told me users have access to add pictures but if you have any troubles please comment here on site or email me at

Click Here To Add 2022 Birthday Art For Your Oldest Parents

We are about 3 days from the collection of well wishes goal result time, if you miss anything you want(ed) to do on 2022, cheer up, you can do it still just in a different year.

If your computer skills are new, I suggest finding the words “Worship” in our top menu, in that menus drop down list is the January 1st birthday page, you can go their and click the “Clap” button which is basically the same as saying “Happy Birthday Oldest Parents”, it is probably the easiest way to participate through WLTOP.

To make it as easy for you as possible, to get to the Birthday page, simply click the below link.

Click Here To Find The Birthday Clap Counter

Our ancestors gave us a good birthday, were alive, we have access to fun, and weve got family, together us wishing them a happy birthday, it brings around the “All One Family” emotion, yes?

❤ Thanks For Reading, Much Love ❤

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