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Open Religion By Words (Halloween Poetry)

Hi family ❤ Happy Halloween Month 🙂

In my studies of religions, I have learned that a small amount of our world’s religions are the biggest.

Maybe you practice religion of the Bible, Tanakh, Hinduism, or Taoism.

Possibly a rare religion instead?

Since its Halloween month and we are We Love The Oldest Parents, I want to try and bring together our family to have a everyone included successful attitude this holiday.

Whether you practice one religion, or another, the Oldest Parents will be who they are, and whether we are accurate or miss in our practices of specific religions, by words we can be very successful.

So here of Halloween 2022, I want to offer some poetry that is pleasing for you and who it is you worship, and in doing so, include everyone who is a “You”.

That is why I am deciding to write a poem called “We Love And Worship Family”.

Happy Halloween 2022 everyone, here is the poem.

We Love And Worship Family

Love for another, Parent, Sibling, Other,
Worship is the word that we share

All life that can, was, and will be,
Family, of you, them, and me

Holding them friend, and hoping forever,
Love of the two, Family the treasure,

Different life is, for each of those you,
Blessed are we in want, and blessed we seek to do,

The love of a parent, The love of them that share it,
Fate and its chaos, Truth and its ripple,

Entertainment is easy, for those that know each and believe thee,
When you make your offer, happiness is not a bother,

With a goal to be efficient, glorious, among present,
You have family to care, Delicate each layer,

For those who seek what to be, maybe they have it,
How long will it be, for them to plan it,

Learning is potential, and with Family always a thrill,
For the futures unknown, grasped by the hinted tone,

Anything is possible for us, For our Oldest Parent,
They started life, and eventually learned how to share it,

With all that we know, with all that we have been,
Our family is the kind, that will once again win

For luck of the worship, luck of this family,
It causes love, and love you seek, you will have it

That is the poem family. Whether we are someone who worships using the bible, the tankah, or any other helper, our Oldest Parents, will see our effort and value it. Because the effort invested to love ancestry started with our Oldest.

On this Halloween, it is a fitting time for us to use our consideration, to think upon a question, did our Oldest Parent find luck, or is life itself luck, because in this question, is connected, that, we are still successful, even having been family yesterday.

❤ Have a great night family ❤

This poem will be added to our collection which can be found in the WLTOP social menu.

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