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Tumblr Widget Down (Maintanence)

Hi family ❤

I am having a coffee fueled late night growing our clubs popularity with other late nighters and also playing Nordicandia.

I was browsing our site to see how everything looks and doing routine quality checks and I noticed one of our widgets is showing a error.

That error is appearing where our normally functioning Tumblr widget would appear.

I checked our Tumblr account and it is still functional, and so is the post the widget is linked to.

I tried changing the post the widget is using and a different post still shows the error.

This to me seems to be likely that many Tumblr users are having this error or the other option is our profile is being maintanenced by staff.

Since our account and its profile page is functioning, I estimate the Tumblr staff will restore functionality to the widget soon and the error message will be replaced by a beautiful functioning Tumblr widget.

I haven’t mentioned Tumblr often in posts because I am a new user and not completely yet experienced with it, but I do like it and enjoy what I find on it.

Thank you Tumblr for service and any fix you apply, and to our WLTOP members I ask for patience while this error message is here with us, I know it isn’t as fun as the functioning widget, but I do hope soon it will return to our use and appreciation.

Have a good night family, and as I mentioned in my last post, I am learning the game Nordicandia, its fun this far into it, I am making friends and am surprised at how deep the customization and content is available in the mobile RPG. Also, as a side note I am told it was made by a single developer and based upon the quality of the game, is very impressive.

❤ Life Is Great, Because Our Creator, Welcomed Us Into His Family ❤

We are gaining a lot of attention on Instagram the last few days, we even gained 40 followers overnight, currently we are now at 421 people following WLTOP. I have been putting in effort, following people and chatting with them, I admit when I woke up to see we had gained 40+ people during my nap it made me feel happy that we are becoming more successful as a club.

On WLTOP we have a category function, when I post things I use a website tool to sort the posts by categories, you can even search posts by them using the tools on our sidebar, I didnt have categories for Tumblr or Instagram so I started the two tonight, now in future posts talking about Tumblr and Instagram they can be sorted into their categories to make finding posts about them easier.

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