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Ancestry Gaming Card Set

Good morning, everyone 🙂

Last night I made a post and started something that has grown this morning.

I made a Lord gaming card using Pokémon card style.

I shared it on Reddit and DeviantArt.

Among some grump, we got compliments, even someone nice enough that was asking for Yugioh card versions.

So based on his request, him being nice and such, I made them for him (and us).

Then after I made the Yugioh Lord cards, I added some extra parts to it and now we have the beginning of a new section on Deviant Art and a set started.

Below is a link to the Deviant Art folder that will contain these cards, including any additions I make, and below that I will post some previews.

Also in WLTOP menu under the Family Play category I will be adding a link to take you to the set for future updates to it.

Click Here To Go The WLTOP Custom RPG Gaming Card Set

Thats a pretty good start.

In total we have 1 pokemon card, and 12 Yugioh cards currently in our set, with a passion to add more.

Here below is a link to the two tools I used to make these cards, both tools are free.

Click Here For The Custom Pokemon Card Tool

Click Here For The Custom Yugioh Card Tool

I have made attempts at these cards in the past and feel good about it this time.

Okay I wish you a good day family, I am eager to update the family play menu to include the link to this new set, lots of love.

❤ Ancestry Gaming Cards? WLTOP Is Fun ❤

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