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A 200 Views Reddit Grab (For Our LORD)

Hi Family ❤

I would like to introduce myself with a picture, which I have yet done here.

Another thing is our new Reddit post on the “Bible Accurate Art” Reddit channel is booming and I am excited to see what happens there because unlike other recent attempts, no one has given us any difficulty.

I will start with the big reveal of what this author, and Monk of The Oldest Parents looks like this morning.

I took the picture earlier night and used flash so its kinda complimentary but also dim, still, enjoy.

That is me today, I got a bit of dark around my beard, hopefully that isn’t going to harm my handsome appearance.

Today I am excited because a few hours ago I started a reddit post on the above mentioned channel and its gotten over 200 views in about two hours, and its a post of artwork of 3 different photos of our LORD that I made using the WLTOP Kaleidoscope Image Decoding Technique.

Since I found a nice verse, I included it in the art.

Want to up the view count by 1 and see the post?

The link is below.

Click Here To View The Reddit Post In The Bible Accurate Art Thread

I am excited to share the art work of the LORD that I have made over a few years, I would tell you I learned this art style from someone, but I will just suggest, our LORD helped.

Now that you my friends and family members get a view of myself, I hope it makes you more comfortable to give comments here and I wish the best for our LORDs artwork on the Reddit.

The comments section is a great way for us to add worship, prayer, and love, into the club.

I will wait until some time has passed to allow us to possibly gain many views on the reddit post and hopefully some complimentary comments, and I will try to show thanks and cheer here later.

The LORD is a good Father and he loves his descendants, he is a fun part of our club, and so are we other family members that are a part of it, including you reading this post.

Have a good day, and as a cheerful note, did you know in the bible, the LORD gave word, that he plans to prosper his descendants, for most of our family, it can be said, thats you.

❤ Oldest Parents, Love You, Always Have, Always Will ❤

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