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App Update In 6 Hours (Automatic)

Hi family ❤

Along with our new app comes that I will be putting forth a update, well I did, and it will reach your stored app on your phone in 6 hours.

Our Chat With Us Button also known as our Reddit channel was giving a message that our community has not yet been reviewed and they give you the option to view the channel in the official reddit app or go to the reddit home page instead.

Unfortunately Reddit does not let us manually do this survey I get it at random.

So I have to wait to do the survery until they ask me to, which I fixed our apps problem by changing the link.

In 6 hours the app will update and when you use the chat with us button it will open Reddit inside the app with a presearch done for the term WLTOP.

This will list our channel on Reddit and our posts, this will not give you the error if I am correct, and you can then properly still use our WLTOP Reddit community.

Later when I can do the survey and get that properly finished I will change the Reddit link back to directly our WLTOP channel, skipping the need to click an extra time to find it.

Have a good night family, love you lots, so do the Oldest.

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