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Angels Of The Oldest (Growing)

Hi family, I have a gift to share here on WLTOP.

About a week ago I started our new facebook WLTOP Sub Group called “Angels Of The Oldest”.

Its a simple idea, people like or follow the facebook page to commit to our Oldest Parents that they agree to be an angel and not a demon, deemun means deemed unnecessary.

The new sub page now has over 40 members, so to thank and welcome them, I have some milestone achievement art.

I also want to take a moment since I have not done this recently to promote the new and free We Love The Oldest Parents app for cell phones.

Its got great content, accurate and legitimate art of our LORD, recording of our LORD at bohemian grove, the true story of heaven and earth, chakra, puzzle games, app recommendations, prayers, tons more and it will be updated regularily.

It is free guys, and rightly so, I hope it becomes popular and a success as it is my works pride and joy, not to be confused with my children pride and joy 🙂

Here below you can get the app from Google Play.

Click Here To Get We Love The Oldest Parents As An App From Google Free

Well family I have a few things to do today so I hope this was enough content for you at the moment, I will be back with love and support for you when time.

❤ Oldest Parents Help Our App Be A Success We Pray ❤

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