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Your Welcome LORD+Agni

Long time no talk my friends ❤

Well as a lot of people know or can learn, our LORD has a special family connection to whom is referred to as fire.

While Agni has been called a Hinduism deity or even a human Hindu named Agni, it is more closely accurate to say what people commonly call Fire is actually the ancestor Agni.

He does not so much take a human or animal form, but much larger than that is within himself and outside of his center as a living part of space.

Now due to note this is a religious belief, and with that I am not trying to convince everyone of such a thing, instead make this knowledge available for those who want it.

So due to my friendship with you LORD and even also Agni whom I am somewhat named after, I have now added the “Agni Prayer Art” drawer to our WLTOP app including added some of the art their to our Deviant Art gallery.

While our prayer drawer in the app is still new, even so is our free app, I am planning to add more art to each religion, including Agni.

I will post two teasers for you to peek at.

Those are two of the current few Agni worship and prayer arts added to the app tonight.

I know doing this will make ancestors proud, including the LORD and Agni.

I hope it all brings descendants lots of fun.

So with that since I have not given a link to the new app in a few post, below is how to look at it, download it, and enjoy it, its free.

Click Here To Get The Free WLTOP App From Google Play

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