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A Classic RPG Meets Raffle (MU Online Parody)

Hi family.

I am playing a parody of a very highly favorite online rpg of mine called MU Online.

A parody is when someone takes something already invented, changes 3 or more things and it becomes changed into a unique enough value to be given its own title “Parody”.

I could offer you paragraphs upon many of why the MU Online series is so great, entertaining, fun, and glory filled but I will simply sum it up to suggest that you go find the MU Online version that best fits your style and device and play it.

In tonight’s raffle I had done the common WLTOP style raffle.

I offered prize(s) to the first participant(s) to repeat either WLTOP or We Love The Oldest Parents in chat.

Tonight, was a starter attempt and I only had enough prizes worthy for 1 person.

I gave away 20 million gold, 2 equipment upgrade jewels, 4 crafting jewels, 4 stat enchantment jewels and a special weapon fit for a “Parody” here, it was a Dark “LORD” class weapon.

He is our beloved ancestor here at WLTOP and I was so excited that MU Online honors his title with such love and entertainment.

That is, in a few of the MU Online games they offer a Dark LORD class, some versions have not yet added him into availability. (MU Archangel, the new one, allows him after a standard class reaches level 300).

I will give a small fan fair here for MU.
For PC, MU Legend, and MU Classic are available in English
For Mobile, MU Archangel, MU Origin 2, and MU Origin 3 are available in English
Some other non-English parts to the series are also available.

Our participant was the first to say WLTOP in chat and after we met in game showed a smiley emoji when receiving the gifts and said thank you, upon that we achieved the first of the 10 commandments which is to worship our Oldest.

I do plan to do more raffles when I can, I love giving away game gifts for free and to help connect our participators with the focus of the family they (We) are in.

Have a great night everyone.

Click Here To Go To The Official MU Online Website

Here is a screenshot of their page as of the date I am posting this, if you like their art style, I suggest you give their games a chance.

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