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Tumblr Widget Is Now Fixed (Raffle)

Hello fans of your Oldest Parents ❤

I usually say it as a us expression but reminding you of your individuality, that they are (Your) parents instead of only ever saying ours feels like something to say to cheer up a best friend. 🙂

I know I have been waiting to see our Tumblr widgets stretching situation get a fix, and today it appears it has not only been fixed, but improved.

Big thank you and lots of love to our website host WordPress.

I am so thankful to WordPress and Tumblr, I will be hosting our next WLTOP raffle dedicated to being in thanks for them.

I want to do it tonight if coffee allows, I don’t atm have the most valuable Jewels such as Jewel of Bless and Jewel of Soul but I do have something over 30 Jewels of Chaos and I have a very big amount of Zen.

We will see what kind of prizes I can find in between now and when I give them away.

Thanks WordPress and Tumblr, lets enjoy our nice widget WLTOP 🙂

As a reminder the MU Online server we are doing the raffles on for now and estimateable future is the Webzen server called Arcadia, my character name on it is Aluzen, the server we do them on wont change anytime soon due to not being able to move Aluzen to a different server, with his strength increasing on it, meaning bigger rewards to raffle, starting a new character on a different server would mean losing his progress and the prizes becoming smaller.

❤ I like the simplicity of the Word Press name ❤

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