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WordPress and Social Media (Raffle 2)

Hi family ❤

Well, our raffle was a great success but this one was done different.

This Raffle was done in the game MU Online on the Webzen Arcadia Server.

I tried that chat room called Gens and people didn’t seem to respond.

So instead, I found some players who spoke a foreign language, one of them told me they were from Argentina.

They were low enough level players that I decided instead of the usual say “We Love The Oldest Parents” requirement to earn the prize, I instead offered them 5 Million Zenny Each in A Trade Request, and then I responded with “<3 Oldest Parents <3”.

The good thing about this raffle is that new players got help, had fun, and it was WLTOP involved.

I am not sure how much of my language they comprehended but the heart emojis got the message to them.

So with this raffle, thank you Word Press, thank you our Social Medias, Thank You Webzen, and Thanks to our friend on the Arcadia server who donated the 15 Million Zenny we used for this raffle.

Click Here To VIsit The Word Press Web Site

Have a good night family, and enjoy WLTOP, including our future raffles if you want to participate.

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