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A 2nd Attempt Patch (Reddit Becomes Email)

Hello family ❤

I just woke up from my nap 🙂

As I mentioned last night, we had a patch to our app that I uploaded, and with Mob Easys free version it takes a few hours before it goes live.

Our Reddit button in our app was meant to open our Reddit channel so you could use our forum inside of our app.

Unfortunately until Reddit gives our community a random survey it seems Reddit wont function inside our app properly, so I am switching the Reddit forum button to a email us button.

In 6 hours this new patch will change your downloaded version of our app.

You will notice after the update, if you click the chat with us button, it will let you email us instead of opening Reddit.

The last patch I made I hoped would fix the error but it did not.

This new patch will help us at least communicate with each other using the app, until Reddit asks me to do our community survey and I can then add Reddit back into our app and it will then function properly.

Mob Easy is telling me it will be 6 hours from now until the update to our app is live.

Have a great day family, enjoy the other content in the app, if you need us, email us using the changed chat with us button, and have some fun 🙂

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